Kenyataan rasmi dan penafian berkenaan khabar angin di media sosial tentang kekacauan dan kekecohan yang bakal berlaku ketika perlawanan pasukan Sabah menentang pasukan Kementerian Kewangan (MOF) pada 20 Feb 2016.

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English version Pengenalan Sekitar jam 11:00 malam pada 18 Feb 2016 (Khamis), Sharin Said (admin telah menerima panggilan dari pihak Polis Di Raja Malaysia (Balai Polis Karamunsing) memaklumkan untuk datang ke balai. Sharin Said diminta untuk hadir pada esok harinya (19 Feb 2016 (Jumaat)) pagi atau seawal malam sebelumnya. Sharin Said dimaklumkan bahawa perkara • Read More »

Official statement and denial by regarding rumours in social media on planning of disturbances during the match between Sabah football team vs Ministry of Finance (MOF) on 20th Feb 2016

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BM Version Introduction On 18th Feb 2016 (Thursday) at around 11:00 PM, Sharin Said (an admin of received a phone call from the Royal Malaysian Police (Karamunsing Police Station) asking him to come to the station. Sharin Said was asked to come the next morning (19th Feb 2016 (Friday) or as early as the • Read More »

Diouf: From Hero to Zero

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Looks like Sabah Football Association (SAFA) has an awkward problem in its hands and it comes from the most unexpected player – its star performer and main attraction El Hadji Diouf. Fans of the state can already see it coming and it all started after Diouf started to hang around with the JDT team from the Superleague, bonding • Read More »

Football Gives Back to Charities

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Sometimes, the most impressive goals aren’t made on the football pitch but in the community. We’re talking about the series of charitable events that football players participate at in order to make the world a much better place. From celebrity charity football events to the Real Madrid Foundation and its vision to help the marginalized • Read More »

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Andre To Train with Sabah Futsal Team

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Sabah’s forgotten Brazilian import Andre has been re-assigned to be with the Sabah Futsal Team until his contract with Sabah FA ends. This agreement was reached in a face-to-face meeting between Andre, SAFA Executive Secretary and a lawyer representing SAFA. It was decided that Andre is not to join the training conducted for the Sabah • Read More »