Sabah to play in Tawau

Sabah will be playing their 2nd leg match againts Negri 9 NAZA at the newly completed Tawau Sports Complex field. This is due to a damaged "switchbox" in Likas which made the floodlights inoperable. The Sports Board is still waiting for compensation from the insurance company that is why it has remained this way since June.

If SAFA were still to go ahead with the match in Likas, they had to fork out at least RM20,000 to pay for the generators to switch on the floodlights.

So, fans from Tawau are urged to come out in full force and fill-up the 10,000 capacity stadium and lift the Rhinos as they seek to grab the only available silverware now.

To read the news about this issue, click here . (That was Sunday's edition when FAM still haven't gave the greenlight) 


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