Brunei’s Top Scorer Cries Foul Over FAM’s Golden Boot Selection


KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 11 (Bernama) — Brunei DPMM striker Awang Shahrazen Said feels he has been robbed his moment of glory by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for denying him any form of recognition despite finishing as the joint top scorer for the just-concluded league season.

"I was expecting some kind of trophy or maybe even cash, but I am very disappointed with FAM after knowing I will not be getting anything for all my hardwork," he said in a statement to Bernama today.

"Getting a trophy or cash prize may not be really the most important thing, and I would have been satisfied if FAM had given me a certificate because at least I would have something to show proof of my achievement," said the young striker who scored 21 goals, none of them from the penalty spot.

Shahrazen said since the Malaysian Super League (MSL) ended on Aug 4, he has been waiting patiently for news from the FAM about the Golden Boots Award.

The award went to Perak's foreign import Keita Mandjou who had also scored the same number of goals but in all three competitions – Super League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup – compared to Shahrazen whose team did not play in the FA Cup and Malaysia Cup.

The statement also quoted an unnamed FAM official who reasoned that the award was given to Mandjou as the Perak team were more successful compared to Brunei.

"I don't think Shahrazen will get any award as Mandjou was already declared winner of the Golden Boot Award during FAM's football awards night on Sept 9, and he will be the sole recipient.

"Though I cannot fully confirm this, the reasoning behind the decision is that Perak was a more successful team than Brunei DPMM – finishing second in the MSL and reaching the Malaysia Cup Final – and Mandjou has scored more goals overall," he said.

The official went on to say: "I know the MSL and Malaysia Cup are two separate tournaments and I've no idea who was in charge of making the decision."

Brunei team manager Eady Sardi Pehin Razak said in the statement he knew nothing of FAM's decision on the selection and that he was still waiting for an official statement from FAM.

Meanwhile, the Brunei team today rewarded Shahrazen B$15,000 (RM34,500) in appreciation for his feat and as a consolation for FAM's failure to reward him.


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