Source : New SabahTimes

  18th January, 2008

KOTA KINABALU: The Rhinos have been reminded to stay positive ahead of their clash against KL Plus FC in the Premier League challenge at the Selayang Municipal Council Stadium tonight.

Rahman Zakaria said they must go into the game with the right frame of mind in order to be able to give their best show in the game.

The Rhinos’ team manager added that they shouldn’t be demoralised following their back-to-back defeats in the previous games.

Instead, he said the players must take this game as an opportunity to show their character and prove that they can handle whatever pressure or circumstances they are facing.

“It is important for the team to have self-belief! They have to be confident and not think about past results. We have to look ahead and try to get the best possible result in the game,” said Rahman.

“We are all disappointed for what we have suffered in our last two games, but there is no point to cry over spilt milk. What is important now is for us to focus on this game and try to prove something.

“Our journey is still a long way to go and we shouldn’t get upset too easily. It is normal for a team to face what we are facing, but at the same time we must realise that this cannot go on.

“I hope the players have that fighting spirit within them and fight all out to get the points.

“Based on the Premier League standings, they (KL Plus FC) seem to be a good team, but that will not deter us from giving the best we can.

“In fact there is nothing for us to fear because we are playing in the same league. And as long as we can play to our true capability, I’m pretty sure we will get the points.

Sabah are likely to welcome back Englishman Jamie Phoenix for the game, but will miss defender Mohd Munir Amran, who will be serving a two-match automatic suspension after getting a straight red card in the 2-0 defeat by Kuala Muda Naza on Monday.

Other matches tonight will see Kuala Muda Naza taking on Harimau Muda (National Under-19) in Alor Setar, while PKNS will entertain Shahzan Muda in Petaling Jaya.

Felda United FC will face Melaka in Cheras, while the league leaders will take on Proton FC in Larkin with the final match of the night – Kelantan playing host to Armed Forces in Kota Baru.

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