Sabah bundled out of the FA Cup

A good crowd turnout in Likas last night couldn't even lift the Sabah team to challenge Super League outfit Pahang in their 2nd leg of the quarter-final tie. Instead Pahang stole a goal to win the game 1-0 and winning the tie with a 4-1 aggregate. A few Sabah players were out of form, most notably Wong Sai Kong and Kokhrei Dze who disappointed the home crowd as they lost the ball time and time again.

It was no surprise that the visiting team took the lead before the halftime break after a swift counter-attack caught the Sabah defence napping.

In the second half, a few times fracas broke out between the players and at one time, tensed was in the air as Sabah continued to play the ball even with one Pahang striker lying injured on the ground. When the ball was finally pushed out the visiting players were seen pushing and hurling abuses at a Sabah player.

The fans were infuriated that missiles and firecrackers were thrown into the side of the pitch. The referee was also seen taking out a black plastic bag thrown by the crowd and gave it to the 4th official. Surely SAFA would be in hot soup over the matter.

As the second half wore on and the Rhinos couldn't get the ball into Pahang's net, play became rough especially on the part of Sylvester Sindeh. His rough tackle from behind nearly caused a free-for-all but other players managed to calm their own teammates.

Pahang were also given a penalty but their player ballooned it to the sky.

So at the final whistle, Pahang maintained their one-goal lead and Sabah missed out on another silverware.  

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