Sabah off to a bad start

Sabah opened its Malaysia Cup campaign tonight with a half-hearted display in a match won by the visiting Penang team with a score of 3-1.  The Rhinos took the lead through Bobby Gonzales in the 25th minute but Penang replied with 2 goals before the break.

Bobby got a few lucky bounce before he slotted the ball home however there were no luck elements in both of Penang’s goal. Their equaliser came from a torpedo shot outside of the box and their second saw the ball sailed into the top-right corner of the net after a good volley.

The homesters’ performance in front of the almost-empty stadium somehow wasn’t convincing enough for the few fans who attended the match. Even an individual in the VIP stand got into a shouting match with coach Drago before the second half kick-off.

With the introduction of Chow Chee Wing in the second half gave a little improvement but still not enough to snatch the equaliser. Instead it was Penang who scored their decisive goal from a freekick right in front of the box.

Fulltime, Sabah lost 3-1. If this kind of performance continued being displayed on the field, surely the number of fans will dwindle to zero.

Come on Sabah! Wake up!

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