Sabah avenged their loss

The Rhinos played out their revenge last night when they beat Pulau Pinang 0-1 on their own soil last night. The beaten homesters inflicted defeat on Sabah in their opening match in Likas Stadium almost a month ago with a score of 3-2.

Last night’s game saw Sabah held the game goalless until the 80th minute when Sylvester Sindeh scored. It was a precious 3 points for Sabah who only managed to garner 4 points from their first round of games.

Sabah now on 4th place in the 6 teams standings.

Malaysia Cup table 2008

Sabah’s next game is againts Kuala Lumpur this Wednesday, 9th July in Likas Stadium. The first round match KL also defeated the Rhinos with a 3-2 score, can the team avenge another loss?

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