Few know names of national football players

MALAYSIAN football has come to a serious state where not many people know the names of national players any more, said Saifudin Nasution Ismail (PKR-Machang).

He said this was the case unlike during the golden era of the game.

“It shows how serious the state of our football is. Last time, most of us could remember the names of the players,” said Saifudin, who named a string of former national players, including the late Mokhtar Dahari.

“It’s not about our size. Some of our great national players were small,” he said in his supplementary question on the Youth and Sports Ministry’s move to improve sports associations. 

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Wee Jeck Seng said it had been the ministry’s responsibility to ensure an improvement in the country’s sporting performance.

Earlier, when replying to a question by Alexander Nanta Linggi (BN-Kapit), Wee said that among the factors that influenced the performance of national athletes was their physical size.

“The differences are obvious when compared with athletes from Korea, Japan, Middle Eastern and Europe.”

Wee also said the ministry had taken steps to improve the performance of national athletes. “These include studies on nutrition as well as the setting up of the National Sports Institute.”

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