For the love of the FA

For the love of his FA and state, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim collateralize his savings to stand as security for the Perlis FA to settle their owed amount to the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) within 2 years. The amount is  half a million ringgit.

Shahidan who is also the President of PFA reached an agreement with KSWP that will give them 2 years to settle the amount or risk PFA of falling into bankruptcy if KWSP brings the matter to court.

He also revealed that 3 months of players salaries haven’t been paid out yet, of which for the month of July will be released this week with the other months to follow suit.

Several other states also owed some amount to the KWSP but as of now, there were no reports of other FAs seeking similar arrangements. This is not a new problem in Malaysian football, where the state FA is having difficulties in paying the players’ salaries.

Hopefully FAM will look into this matter and come up with a long term strategy to save our local football scene, where the FA depends too much on FAM’s annual grant which proved not inadequate.

News link (in BM) : Sedihnya (Kosmo)

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