Sabah Rhinos 2009 & the EPL

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A few weeks back I was asked by mrBadak to write a monthly article for the Sabah Rhinos website about all matters football related. I informed mrBadak that it would be my pleasure & hence today is my first article.

Each month I shall write about both global & local football. However,in order to help me choose relevant topics I would like to invite you the readers to email us & tell us exactly what you would like us to write about.

You wont always agree with what im writing about however thats the beauty of football. We all have our own opinions & we are all probably somewhat correct for in football their our many ways to reach a given target.

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January 2009 is fast approaching & that means the start of another important campaign for our beloved Sabah Rhinos. There can be only one objective for the team this year & that is to gain promotion back into the Super League(division 1). For 4 years now we have been stuck in quicksand,fighting hard to get back into the mainstream of Malaysian Football but alas this has proved beyond our lads.

To their credit, the Sabah FA have chosen a new direction this year having decided to go all local with our playing squad. Surely,they should be applauded for biting the bullet & giving our local Sabahan lads with the opportunity to get us back playing against  the Selangors & Kedahs off this world. In years gone by the Sabah FA have spent vast amounts of money on players from both West Malaysia & Overseas in the hope of gaining promotion but all to no avail. This is not to say that these foreigners did not have quality but football is a results orientated business & the reality is that we are still in Division 2.

The big question now is can the appointed new coach get the players prepared in time to hit the ground running come January. Time is short & he has to get the players physically prepared while at the same time get out on that training ground & start working on team tactics. From game 1 onwards every player must know specifically what his job is within the team environment.

  • Where he should defensively  when the other team has the ball in certain areas on the pitch
  • Offensively,certain possibilities should be drilled into the players when we are attacking in particular situations.

Off course we don’t want robots on the pitch however unless the players accept certain responsibilities & are mature enough to accept this as there role in the team,then our chances off success are limited. With the Fam,s ruling on foreigners this year,I believe it makes  all teams very equal on paper. This means that the teams who are the hungriest for success will be promoted this year.Giving 100% on the pitch is simply not enough. A combination of proper diet, correct sleeping patterns, injury prevention, sufficient rest, hard training & quality tactics all make up that small % off what is required to succeed. If we can combine all this with players who are prepared to give blood & tears for the team then maybe, JUST MAYBE, we have a chance of being promoted.

To the players I say let the lessons of previous years be understood. Giving 100% is simply not enough-you need to play with a passion you never thought possible, you need to push yourself beyond boundaries your body has never experienced. Your rewards will, be ample-playing in division 1 next year,an improved contract in 2010 but most importantly of all-you can look at yourself in the mirror & know you gave absolutely everything you possibly could for the team in 2009.

Good luck lads, the fans are right behind you. 

We are now well into the 2008/09 EPL. Known for being slow starters in years gone by, Liverpool have hit the ground running & currently are equal 1st with Chelsea. Im sure the long suffering Liverpool fans believe that this is the year that the Premier League heads back to the scousers.

My concern with Liverpool is do they have the same depth & quality within their squad in comparison with Chelsea & Manchester United? My answer is no. Should anything longterm happen to either Steven gerrard or Fernando Torres then in my opinion Liverpool’s campaign will be over.

The same cannot be said for both Chelsea & Man Utd. Didier Drogba has missed the majority off this season & yet Chelsea have hardly missed a beat. Nicholas Annelka has simply stepped into his shoes & is currently scoring goals for fun. My only concern with Chelsea is should John Terry suffer an injury,who will step up & fill his boots. Undoubtedly, Terry is a warrior, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. However,the signs are their that years of sacrificing his body for the teams sake is now taking its toll. Injuries are now more prevalent for him & I feel hes ageing body may now breakdown more often than the past. If Terry is smart & gets good advice then he can continue to be prominent for many years to come. Less training but smarter training is vital at this stage of his career. Sending him off to a health farm maybe just what he needs to get his tired body ready for another long English winter.

For me, Manchester United have the strongest overall squad in England. Any team that can have players with the caliber off Tevez, Carrick, Giggs, Brown & Anderson to name but a few  sitting on the bench must be in a strong position. If they win their game in hand they will be only 5 points off the pace & I feel that from Xmas onwards they will come home like a steam train. The team who combines a quality squad with strength in depth normally finishes strong in the hustle & bustle of the EPL. Like in a horse race you have to time your run & watch for the Red Devils to come storming down the outside to retain their EPL crown with Liverpool 2nd & Chelsea 3rd.





Scott Ollerenshaw played for Sabah from 1994 - 1997 and partnered with Matlan Marjan to become the most feared strike force in the Malaysian league. Became the second highest scorer in the league in his first season with 36 goals in all competition. Then he won the Golden Boot in 1995 and 1996, helping Sabah to win her first ever trophy, the FA Cup and the league title in 1996. He is now married to former Sabah karate athlete Michelle Koh and they have 2 children together. Scott is now residing and focusing on businesses in Kota Kinabalu. He currently owns and manages the KK Futsal centre and Borneo Sports Holidays.

7 thoughts on “Sabah Rhinos 2009 & the EPL

  • December 4, 2008 at 10:46 am

    Hai Scott,

    CONGRATS to you because of this article for . Anyhow, hope you can give more article especially local football contribution and right development from the root.

  • December 9, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    There is still no foreign player can beat u in our sabahan heart. Hope to see u son will be play for sabah fa soon…

  • December 16, 2008 at 8:06 am

    Kopivosian Scott,

    Great stuff. Keep it up. Hoping you can get more on local football especially Sabah. Getting information and reviews from “locally born” star in very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • December 16, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Howdie Mate,
    Just a simple question, do you have any intention to get involve in Sabah FA management team ?

  • January 8, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    Hai Scott,

    I wish to know why Sabah has very good local coaches such as Stanley Chew and Kelly Tham (you played under him before, right?)but, still
    SAFA chose an Iranian coach,why? can you give your opinion on this?

    Further, I wish to know where is our Khairul Azman, the goalkeepers’
    coach for many years, where is he now ? anybody can tell me?



    K M FOO

  • January 14, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Hi Mate,

    It’s a new season for our Rhinos and hopefully you’ll give your sharing to our New look Rhinos.

    What ever the outcome we shall hundred % behind our team and give our full support.

    For the new Rhinos don’t ever gave up and try to create a new history to our belove Rhinos.

  • January 16, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    KM Foo, OB of Scott, Khairul is still in town. He has been parted with Sabah FA due to some technical issue. He is looking for new team, pls email me if you have any job opportunity for him. Just trying to assist one the country’s legendary goalie…

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