Foreign players seek FIFA’s help on unpaid salaries


TIRED with the lack of action from the FA of Malaysia (FAM), three foreign players who claim to have not been paid their salaries have sought help from Fifa’s players status committee.

Chileans Carlos Caceres, Jorge Nunoz and Mario Bario, who featured for Perak in the 2007-2008 season, have written to Fifa requesting for a combined total of US$54,000 (RM186,000). 

The players claimed they were owed four months wages and had written to FAM’s players status committee which recommended that the amount be deducted from the national body’s annual grant to its affiliates. 

However, it was learnt that the finance committee overruled the recommendation and, to make matters worse, former coach Steve Darby is also set to seek Fifa’s help. 

With no help forthcoming from FAM, Darby feels he has no choice but to seek Fifa’s assistance in reclaiming the RM115,000 he is owed in wages. 

Perak are not the only team in this situation as Penang have also not fulfilled payments and four players are anxiously waiting to see what action FAM will take. 

“I have written to FAM several times as we are owed four months wages. 

“However, nothing has been forthcoming from FAM,” said a player who declined to be identified. 

“I was made to understand that there is no more money in the kitty for them (Penang FA) to pay us. 

“The way we are being treated is as though we owe them and I wonder how FAM is going to resolve this.”

FAM’s players status committee is only expected to meet sometime next month and it won’t come as a surprise if several more cases emerge before that.

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