Sabah shared points with Shahzan Muda

Shahzan Muda hosted Sabah to a scoreless draw last night before the Premier League go into a one-month break. Games will resume on 13th March 2009.

The Rhinos remain unbeaten in the league after 4 games and not only that, but they also remain as the only team without any goals condeded. It seems that coach Wathiq is stressing more on defence which can only be a good thing for the young Rhinos.

However touching on last night’s game, it remains to be seen if it was a 1-point earned or 2-point loss for the visitors. Before the match, Shahzan Muda have never won any of their previous 3 games and have drawn 2. Considering that Sabah is a state team, one can only assume that the club side went on the defensive mode.

If that was how the game went, then Sabah lost the 2 points. Sabah remains 4th in the league with 8 points, with national youth team Harimau Muda leads the pack with a maximum 12 points.

All results:

Harimau Muda 1 – 0 Johor MBJB
Johor 1-1 T-Team
Melaka 1-1 Sarawak
Felda United 0-0 Kuala Lumpur
Proton FC 4-1 SDM Kepala Batas
PKNS 3-0 Angkatan Tentara (ATM)

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