Rhinos loses 3 points and slide down to 9th place

With the expulsion of Johor MBJB from the Premier League, the Rhinos’ 2-0 win back played on the 9th Feb in Likas is now null and void. With these update, Sabah’s performance after 6 games is 1 win, 3 draws and 2 losses.

More damaging is the point reduction which sees Sabah’s 9 points decreased to 6, having the same number of points with 2 clubs, Shahzan Muda and Felda Utd but with the Rhinos having the worst goals difference among the three.

So Sabah now sits at 9th place, probably a clear reflection of their performance on the pitch.

As of now, FAM’s website for the premier league table is not updated yet, so with all these chaotic mess FAM is having in the league, I’m not even sure if my league table is correct.

Stay tuned.

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