Sabah may lose points


KOTA KINABALU: The Premier League is already facing an early “fiasco” barely six matches into the season, no thanks to MBJB FC (Johor Baharu City Hall)’s failure to settle their players’ and officials’ protective insurance amounting to slightly over RM70,000.

The unwanted mess is surely no good to the M-League that has lost its popularity in the country.

If the FAM sticks to its guns of suspending the club side, several teams will not benefit from it, and Sabah is one of them.

The reason being that there is a big possibility that the three points gained from the 2-0 victory over the southern club side are likely to be taken away!

At press time, the FAM had yet to make any official announcement on what they are going to do if MBJB FC are no longer in the Premier League.

However, a logical or rather fairer decision is to forfeit all the matches that MBJB FC had played rather than to give automatic walk-over wins to the rest of the teams that have yet to play them (MBJB FC).

“We have received a letter signed by the FAM secretary-general Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad pertaining to MBJB FC’s suspension,” said Harry Baking yesterday.

“But we are still not informed what they are going to do with the matches that they (MBJB FC) have played.

“We just have to wait and see and will oblige by the decision,” he added.

The National Under-19 team, who are currently leading the Premier League, Kuala Lumpur as well as Sarawak are also in the same boat as Sabah.

Sabah, the National Under-19 and Kuala Lumpur all won their battles against MBJB FC while Sarawak only managed a draw.

The only team that MBJB FC have beaten this season are SDM Kepala Batas of Penang.

Last night, MBJB did not take to the field. Their scheduled home tie against Proton FC has been put off.

Meanwhile, BERNAMA reported that MBJB have yet to officially respond to the team’s suspension.

Azzuddin said the club had only communicated via a phone call to FAM’s secretariat on Saturday that they would pay up but had yet to write in or file an appeal.

“We have been very lenient and gave them five postponements to pay up since last Dec 16. However, they did not meet the final deadline which was last Friday. This left FAM’s competitions committee no choice but to suspend them from the M-League,” he was quoted as saying by the national news agency.

MBJB who were making their debut in the League were in ninth place out of 14 teams competing prior to their suspension. They only managed a single win out of five matches played.

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