Sabah on a hatrick of losses

On Friday night, Sabah stumbled yet again this time to Selangor PKNS who inflicted a 1-0 defeat. This is Sabah’s third consecutive defeat after falling to T-Team 2-1 and Melaka 3-0 previously.

With talks of players’ salaries not paid for up to three months, it was a miracle that the players still showed up to don Sabah’s jerseys. However, probably with team morale not at its best, Sabah came back empty-handed.

The Rhinos’ league position of 10th after 7 games in a 13-team league is now reflecting accurately just how their performance is not kicking up any excitement in the fans’ heart.

Not counting our win over MBJB (who has since been expelled), Sabah has only won once in all competitions. Don’t forget KL dumped us out of the FA Cup in our own backyard in February. Our only win was againts a club formed only a few years ago. In the league, we’ve scored 3 goals and conceded 6.

If there is any consolation to take from this, is that our neighbours Sarawak is worse off than us. However they’re just below us on 11th place, with no wins and 3 points from 3 draws. Even if Sabah is in a “transition” period of preparing these young players for a push for promotion next year, the fans are not expecting the team to be languishing near the bottom of the table.

Hopefully Sabah can get a win soon or we will experience a relegation battle this season.

One thought on “Sabah on a hatrick of losses

  • April 7, 2009 at 9:33 am

    My comment on “Sabah on a hatrick of losses”

    When our team was undefeated for the first 4 matches without conceding
    a single goal, it showed we are on a good track;suddenly, we lost three consecutive games….it must be something wrong someway, I would agree with your report on the possibilty of non-payment of up to 3 months’ salary to the players being the cause.

    In professional soccer, players earn their money through soccer, if they are not paid in time, not to mention not being paid up to 3 months, their livelihood will surely be affected, without food for themselves and also that of their families, they won’t be in a good peace of mind to play….this is a simle logic.

    Now, our management, it is solely their responsibilty to sort this thing out, they are appointed to do their work in this area, we just hope they look into the problem seriously, leave match strategy, selection of players, team formation entirely to the coach……..;

    Let’s hope we can recover in our next match and starting to move forward…..;being a State team….it is a heartache to see Sabah sitting below all those unknown Club teams in the Table.

    K M FOO

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