SAFA not pushing panic button yet

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SAFA held their supreme council meeting on Saturday and among the discussion in the meeting touched on the current state of the Rhinos team, currently lingering near the bottom of the Premier League table.

With only six points from eight games played, Safa officials have expressed concern over the matter but have yet to push the panic button.

When asked about the current situation of Rhinos coach Wathiq Naji Jasim, whether his future with the team is at risk after the Rhinos failed to win any points in the last four games, Lawrence said: “We have yet to make a decision”.

He said the matter would be deliberated further in the next meeting pending a report from the team management committee to enable the council members to make a better-informed decision.

Concern over the current performance of the state team is evident among the council members. It was agreed, however, that there is still hope for the Rhinos to bounce back from their poor performance and maybe even finish among the top five, as there are still plenty of games to be played in the league.

They (council members) attributed the main reason for the team’s poor performance to a lack of experienced forward players.

“We can’t blame the coach entirely for the team’s poor performance, although it has been in question whether or not to keep him with the team.

Having said that, we feel the team could perform better with one or two added strikers to the squad,” said Lawrence.

Discussions about bringing former Rhinos striker, Zaykiel Leong, back into the team were also brought up in the meeting.

He is expected to join the Rhinos line up in May, pending his registration with FAM.

Among other topics talked about during the meeting was the association’s current financial state, which Lawrence admitted was one of the problems being faced at the moment.

“We are in the process of identifying a solution to this matter,” said Lawrence, who declined to elaborate on the matter further.

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