Rhinos and Crocs fired blanks

Even with the return of former Rhinos hitman Zaykiel Leong to spearhead Sabah’s attacking force, Sabah and Sarawak failed to score to share the points in a scoreless draw.

Playing after a 2-week break, the single point for each team doesn’t really help them in their cause to climb up the table, with both languishing at 10th for Sabah and 11th for Sarawak in the 13-team competition.

Off the pitch however, the result speaks volume. Sabah and Sarawak were once the powerhouses of the Malaysian league, playing in the Superleague and “burying” their visitors in this east side of Malaysia, giving any away teams the shivers when they board their planes to come over here.

Now, both teams have trouble funding the team, with rumours of delayed salaries, which brought morale low among the players, getting negative results and ultimately, driving away the fans from attending any match in the stadium.

Indeed, all the real happenings of local football now is on the west except for maybe, the appearance of ex-Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler in Likas later this month. Apart from that, the teams are just playing their games to complete the schedule and the young players getting experience from playing on the field.

With these scenario, it is only fair that both teams gets a single point each while the coach and players looking for divine intervention if they want to make any mark in this season’s football league.

Sabah’s next game is a home tie against 4th place Kuala Lumpur.

One thought on “Rhinos and Crocs fired blanks

  • May 6, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    With all due respect, the rumours about delayed salaries is jz not mearly rumours. Its a FACT. I have to agree that it HAS taken the toll on them. Some of the players actually depend on their salary. Yes, SAFA provides them a place to stay but there’s not even any food, which means the players have to get their own food. And they expect the players to live a healthy life? With their salaries on hold, they are forced to eat maggi, they cant expect the players to feed on maggi everyday can they? If SAFA doesnt do anything quick, they’ll bound to lose some potential players who can be their next hope for winning. What if one of the players accepts bribery jz like matlan did during his time? Wouldnt it jz be like history repeating itself?

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