SDMM 1 – 1 Sabah

Sabah seemed to have lost its ways when they can only get a point off from bottom team SDMM with a score of 1-1. It could’ve been worst as the Rhinos were staring at defeat before they managed to get the equaliser at the death.

At halftime it was scoreless but the homester, who before the game can only score 4 goals in 13 games, shocked the visitors when Azman Nizam Abdullah scored in the 65th minute.

The Rhinos were looking at being the first team to be beaten by the weakest side in the league. Fortunately for the Rhinos, the re-signed Zaykiel Leong scored in the 90th minute to share the spoils.

Sabah remained at 10th place, luckily the improving ATM at 11th was beaten by Harimau Muda last night.

The league now will take a rest and will resume on the 19th of June, when Sabah entertains Selangor Proton, who’s at 6th in the table.

The Rhinos will almost have a month now to ponder whether they can avoid Sabah from fighting relegation battle with the other bottom teams.

4 thoughts on “SDMM 1 – 1 Sabah

  • May 25, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    I read with great amusement in a Local newspaper’s report that our Team Manager said ” Sabah did not lose which is good……..”, but,
    Sabah, being a State team, cannot even beat the lousiest team in the league, an unknown club team….SDMM….what ? kepala Batas..from where ? Penang ?, you say “is good” for not losing ?

    Something must be wrong some way, a detail overall post-mortem need to be urgently conducted before Sabah goes down to the FAM league in 2010!

    I strongly feel something drastic need to be done, fast before it is too late…not long ago, someone said ” good day is near….” and now, drawing with the last team is “good”…..;

  • May 27, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Hi KM Foo,

    yes it is quite saddening that the standard of our team has gone so low that it is “good” to share points with the lousiest team in the league.

    I’m not really sure where the team or the management is heading this season…

  • June 9, 2009 at 11:03 am

    back to basic, its all caused by the poor management and of course money as the other major influence. we can see, the team capable of doing somethin as d harimau muda did, play possession type football and dictate tempo. all we need is complete midfielder, have d ability to organize, read the game as well as good technique..i still remember in 2003 or 2002, our midfield lead by attacking minded sharin majid makes zainizam very effective playin up front, sharin can pass and create chances, dribb, also score some goals for the team. Its not because our striker is not good, for example zaykiel leong, sharp in finishing but he doesnt have enough support from the midfield. From what i can see, sabah play direct type which not optimize the availability of our midfielder, long passing hoping for the enemy to do mistake is coward tactic..haizzz..

  • June 10, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    I agreed with what boyers analysed, midfield play is important, you can’t play the Wimbledon type of game whereby you involved only defenders and strikers only, you can’t survive long enough as your opponents will know your simple & direct way of play in a very short time.perhaps that was why Sabah was undefeated for the first 4 games and thereafter lost almost all the rest !!!

    Examples of a few successful midfield play which made good teams are such as Awang Sabtu ( for James Wong & Hassan Sani ),Milomir ( for Matlan & Scott ) and a fit and top form Paul Scholes & David Beckham will make Ruud Van Nisterlrooy looks very effective.

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