Gimbang: Be professional and act professional

KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Lawrence Gimbang was scathing in his speech during the Sabah FA ‘Dinner with the President’, on the current state of the State senior squad.

The FA deputy president did not mince his words and warned the players that they will not hesitate to show them the exit should they break the rules.

One nagging matter that came to his attention is players who are late for training.

Gimbang also wants the players to be fully committed and give 100 % to the team as State pride is at stake.

“Stop coming late for training. We have been repeating the same thing and advising them on their discipline over and over but it is still going on.

“As a professional player, you need to discipline yourself, have enough sleep, and eat properly.

“One must also try to keep improving. A good player will not only train with the coach, but must have their own initiative to train on their own.

“But it seemed that there are some players, who once they have been selected to play for Sabah, they become egoistic and big headed, and this is not good … for themselves or for the team.

“They must realise that this is their career, their bread and butter, and that they shouldn’t take things for granted,” said Gimbang.

“There is no substitution for victory,” Gimbang stressed.

With that in mind, Gimbang said that it is important for the players to keep on training hard and try to win as many matches in the Premier League as possible.

He also urged the players to repay Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman by playing their hearts out.

“The Chief Minister is a very busy man, and we must say a big thank you for agreeing to lead us. One of the better ways to do it is by doing the talking on the field, meaning we must do well in the League,” said Gimbang.

On the Inter Zone tournament, Gimbang said that it is a place where talent can be unveiled.

“We are using the tournament to spot new talents. It has been quite a while that we have not been able to produce players of James Wong or Hassan Sani’s calibre.

“But believe me, there are some players out there, who have the potential to become top players, and with hard work and good discipline, I’m very sure, they can be the next James Wong.

He also revealed that the next Inter Zone will be held in September, 2010.

However, New Sabah Times Sport learnt that there could be two … one to be held in Sandakan (Under-19) and the other in Tawau (Under 25).

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