Sports Medicine Unit set up

KOTA KINABALU: The honeymoon is over for players who have an active nightlife as the Sabah FA will be monitoring their progress following the setting up of the High Performance Science and Sports Medicine Unit.

The unit, headed by its vice president Dr K.H. Tan, will be compiling complete players’ profile from medical to their fitness.

Among the aims of the setting up of the unit is to enable players to stay competitive throughout the season.

“This unit is available in any professional set-up including the top teams in the English Premier League such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea or Liverpool,” said Tan.

“We are very committed to this and in fact we are going in-depth. After the senior team, it will be implemented on the junior and development teams.

“We are also looking into the coaches’ aspect, changing their mindset on the importance of scientific approach in football now,” he said.

“This is one way that could help Sabah move forward in the sport. So it is our hope to see all parties concerned to change their mindset.

“We are living in an era of technology and science and that we have to change if we want to compete with the rest.

Tan said that they will be creating a complete players’ profile such as medical, performance, nutritional and their training.

“These profiles will be recorded so that it will be easy for us to monitor their development in the future.

He added that under the Players’ Medical Profile, it is compulsory for footballer to take medical examinations … to report injuries, muscular skeletalist or even mineral analysis in their system.

The Players’ Performance Profile will centre on the players’ fitness level where their age or height will all be recorded.

“We will also test their speed endurance, stamina, agility and flexibility.

As for the Players’ Nutritional Profile, it involves the study of the players’ dietary, educating them the right way to take care of themselves so as to stay in tip-top condition as professionals do.

“We are taking a holistic approach in order to lift the standard of football in the State.

Tan said once they have all the records, it will be as easy as by just one button to know what they are going to do if for instance any of the players got injured.

“If anything happens, the players will be referred to the experts to get treatment whether they got injured here or when playing away…immediately,” he said.

Tan revealed that they have identified several experts to help them in their cause namely Dr Balasran Supramaniam, Dr Richard Coby (attached to the National Sports Council), Lee Fook Yin (physiotherapist) and Dr Ernest Yeoh, a top sports medicine specialist.

These experts, said Tan, will be helping the FA on a voluntary basis.

Tan said the record of players will also be important when it comes to contract dealings, as it will also be the key indicator whether the players are in good health.

“If they do not reach the level that we required, then recommendation from us (to the chief coach) will be that the players are not ideal for the team,” he said.

Tan said more will be done to be able to really get the Unit going.

He revealed that this season, they could not go on full swing in implementing their job due to time constraints.

“But anyway, we have done several tasks such as medical test on all the players. For now, we will be doing it stage by stage.

“We did and have done some tests but it was too late. The records are important to chart the players’ preparation like what to be done during off-season, pre-season and in-season,” said Tan.

“What we are trying to do here is we not only want Sabah progressing well with the development of the sport, but we want to set benchmark so that who ever takes over in the future will have easy access to the players’ profile and so on.

2 thoughts on “Sports Medicine Unit set up

  • January 26, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Great step this depends on a lot of variables;lifestyle,diet,circadian cycle and all that.I remember not too long ago I ran into our import players eating Burger King at Centre Point and that is not good for their fitness.

  • January 27, 2010 at 9:54 am

    way to go SabaHaws!! cant wait to see d outcome..
    Go Sabah Go!!

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