Dropping rhino as Safa’s mascot not logical

The following opinion was published on the local news Daily Express on 28th Feb 2010 through its Sunday Forum. Eventhough SabahRhinos.com and its moderators agree with the writer, we have nothing to do with this publication nor do we know who’s behind it:

LAST month, the Safa management changed the Sabah FC’s mascot from the Rhino to the Eagle.
As a fan, I am annoyed with this decision which is like turning their backs to the fans and their views.

According to reports, one of the reasons for the change was to promote team spirit and have a new image.

For me, the reason given by Alijus doesn’t make sense. Everyone knows this move is not the solution for the team’s problems. It had caused uneasiness for the fans who for so long had known the team as The Rhinos.

The Safa management should analyse and foresee the implications of changing the mascot.

These decisions actually expose the Safa management as being inconsistent and pride-less.

Just because they can’t cope with the team’s performance these past few seasons they decided to change the mascot in the hope that the team will enter the super league.

In Sabahrhino.com, Alijus was surprised to find out that the KL team is also using the eagle as their mascot. This goes to show that he did not even know the mascots of the other teams.

The mascot chosen since the founding of the club should be retained despite the team’s performance (Take the EPL for example, even when they are facing a bad spell, the mascot doesn’t change.

It has become part of their history and one that is precious to them).

Safa cannot force the fans to accept the new mascot. Believe it or not, the whole of Sabah especially from the rural areas, know the Rhinos.

It is time for Safa to prove that they can bring the Rhinos to another level rather than just changing the mascot. I also hope that the team will succeed to the super league this year.

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3 thoughts on “Dropping rhino as Safa’s mascot not logical

  • March 3, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    aya sokong hawks di gugurkan…. kekalkan badak sebagai maskot sabah… tolong beritahu kepada pengurusan Safa.. terutamanya En Alijus.. masa belum terlambat, kalau boleh minta dia maklum balas dari semua peminat/penyokong.. dont simply do decision like nobody care and remember sabah team is state level means sabahan people directly involve in any decision especialy in mascot issue… at least safa bg muka laa sikit dgn penyokong2 bah… kalau langsung tiada penyokong pun safa susah juga kan.. mcm mana mau masuk duit…

  • March 4, 2010 at 10:03 am

    Betul tu rhin, kita sudah sebati dengan panggilan SABAH RHINOS. Sapalah yang pandai2 tukar ni ya? Ikut sedapnya ja. Fikirkan peminat bah. Minta pendapat dari peminat. Itu baru pengurusan yang cekap. Tolonglah SAFA. Fikir dulu sebelum buat.

  • March 9, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    SAFA made a poor decision to change the mascot. Not sure how it is affecting the attendence at home games, but I have no intention of coming. Maybe if Beverly FC ever comes back, they can be called the Rhinos.

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