Bobby among dropped six

Kota Kinabalu: It was announced by the Sabah FA yesterday that among the six players who would be dropped from the senior squad, is star striker Bobby Gonzales.

Without much elaboration, Sabah FA Secretary General, Alijus Sipil revealed the names of the six players who the FA is terminating for failure to comply with performance requirements stated in their contracts and for conducts that were deemed jeopardising the FA’s image and reputation.

Bobby joined Sabah this season after transferring from the Super League in the previous season.

His level of performance has been in question in several matches during this Premier League season, where he struggled to score goals, quite often lacking the ability to finish in front of goal.

Other players in the frying pan are Azrul Ejati Damsah (striker), Joey Ryan Gundok (midfield), Mohd June Azral (defender), Christopher Musa (midfield) and Brandon Raj (midfield).

According to Alijus, the contracts of these players would be cut short, and that they would not be playing in the Malaysia Cup competition, which kicks-off on September 14.

Exactly when they would be terminated was not mentioned.

Meanwhile, as for the three players on loan, which Sabah will engage for the Malaysia Cup, one of them, Mohd Afif Amiruddin from Police, is already here in the State and has actually begun training with the squad.

The other two players, who are from Sarawak but whose names have not yet been revealed, is expected to join the team soon pending release from the Sarawak FA.

“It will only be a matter of time before we can reveal the names of these two players.

Once the Sarawak FA releases them to us then we will announce it to the public,” said Alijus.

Another revelation about the team is that it will engage the services of Sabah FA West Coast Chairman, Juil Nuatim, as assistant team manager.

“His duties and responsibilities will cover mostly on the players’ welfare and discipline off the pitch.

“We hope his introduction to the team will help the players play better and do better to keep personal developments and work commitments separate,” said Alijus.

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