Back On Track

On a losing streak , having a bad run , in a slump or going through a rough trot are all terminologies to describe a Football team who are not winning games . Most football teams the world over go through these bad periods , – players lie in bed awake at night wondering what’s gone wrong , why is the team losing , why is everyone criticizing me and lastly when are we going to win a game .

From my experience one of two things normally occur which determines how long the slump will last which are ,

: Infighting & finger pointing occurs within the team which leads to disharmony and a lack of trust. Once this happens the cancer within the team has been formed as little clicks form leading to rumours & innuendo . From here we get poor team spirit which therefore prolongs the losing streak leading to an unsuccessful Football team .


: The team stays together as a tight knit unit . Responsibility for poor results is accepted within the whole team and everyone within the group makes a pact to work harder & smarter for the well being off the team . Individual glory is no longer important , only the team matters . Suddenly the team becomes a family and you ignore all negative outside elements , working side by side in the trenches which leads to great team spirit and a bond that cant be beaten .

Then suddenly you win a Football game , confidence oozes its way into the group and individually the players become much more positive . At last you have a good nights sleep and you look forward to training the next day . Finally you can walk around town with your head held high and all because you won a Football game – ISNT PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL FUNNY LIKE THAT!

From what I witnessed last night the Sabah Hawks have decided to stick together and team spirit is their in abundance . Down 1-0 at half time we did’nt panic and continued to push for the equalizer. Our lads kept believing and were finally rewarded with two great second half goals and a well deserved victory .




I read a fascinating article featuring Arsene Wenger last week . Ive always admired the Professor and believe he has done a wonderful job at Arsenal over the last decade .

Wenger discussed how the public are not educated on what success mean’s for different clubs in the English Premier League . He stated that success is completed different for all clubs as teams have different financial constraints and are at different stage in their development as a team .

For example , success for Manchester United this year will be winning the League and failure would be coming 2nd . And what of Chelsea , there performance in the League this year has to be considered a failure and yet all that will be forgotten if they win the Champions League .

And then we have other teams such as Wolves , Wigan , Blackpool , WBA & Birmingham . For them success simply means avoiding relegation and staying in the EPL .

Wenger went on to state that a problem with determining success or failure for a team is often the chairman or management off a club “ whose ambition often outweighs the talent at the club which leads to unrealistic targets”

Which leads me to the following question – “ what will be considered success for our Sabah Hawks this year ?“ . In my opinion avoiding relegation and a mid table position would be a successful season considering we are in our 1st season back in the Super League after 5 years in 2nd Division .

But hey , that’s just my opinion – I am sure many would disagree . That’s the beauty off Football , everyone is entitled to their opinion .


Scott Ollerenshaw played for Sabah from 1994 - 1997 and partnered with Matlan Marjan to become the most feared strike force in the Malaysian league. Became the second highest scorer in the league in his first season with 36 goals in all competition. Then he won the Golden Boot in 1995 and 1996, helping Sabah to win her first ever trophy, the FA Cup and the league title in 1996. He is now married to former Sabah karate athlete Michelle Koh and they have 2 children together. Scott is now residing and focusing on businesses in Kota Kinabalu. He currently owns and manages the KK Futsal centre and Borneo Sports Holidays.

3 thoughts on “Back On Track

  • April 11, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    I’m absolutely agree with the author.

    This is their first season, we don’t expect too much.
    There are always a “time” for everything.

    Let’s hope our beloved team will “grow” in the time.

    Go SABAH Go!!!

  • April 11, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    not relegated by the end of season is a okay
    at mid table position is great.
    to enter Malaysia Cup is a bonus!

  • May 3, 2011 at 11:14 am

    It is okay at mid table in our first season in the Super League but How can we expect to be in the mid table if the team performance is like rubbish??Who want to buy a ticket to watch them in action?? If you let the fan enter the stadium FREE OF CHARGE….also nobody will come….You must ask WHY??…..Why because this team is rubbish…

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