Sabah 1 vs 2 Selangor

Sabah lost 2-1 and slumped to their second defeat against league leaders Selangor at the Likas Stadium last night.

The host started the match brightly and attacked the visitors goal from the first whistle. Their positive approach was rewarded in the 10th minute when offered a free kick taken just outside the penalty area by Hariri Mohd Safii, enabled Roslin Wasli to rise above two defenders to score from a powerful header.m Selangor tried hard to find to an equalizer after that, but the Sabah defense, with the return of their captain Reithudin Ag Emran in the centre, stood firm.

It was not until the 34th minute that the home goal was broken through by Mohd Bun Yamin via a quickly taken corner by the Selangor players.

The home fans were furious as a minute earlier Sabah was denied a penalty by referee Samsudin Ibrahim.

The goal lifted the visitors spirit and they became more involved in the match but missed several chances to increase their lead.

The second half started evenly for both teams and although Sabah and Selangor had chances to score, poor finishing let them down.

The introduction of Zainizam Marjan in the second half also failed to ignite any spark for the home team.

Sabah defenders were caught napping in the 67th minute and Amri Yahyah sent a powerful strike into the Sabah net giving custodian Syed Adney Syed Hussein no chance.

The score line remained unchanged until the whistle blew.

Selangor likely would have increased their lead if their strikers were more lethal in front of the goal line.

Match report from Daily Express.

3 thoughts on “Sabah 1 vs 2 Selangor

  • April 25, 2011 at 1:37 pm


    Kepada penyokong pasukan Sabah Rhinos yang bekerja d Sabah fm, kenapa tidak pernah sudah buat liputan atau membuat siaran langsung di Stadium Likas mahupun d tempat lawan? Boleh bagi jawapan……….

  • April 26, 2011 at 9:03 am


    But Sabah had already give their best. Instead of being sad by this loss, lets just bounce back!

    Looking foward for the next match!


  • April 26, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    sabah perlu midfielder yang sharp macam yap wai loon. sebab itu masa 1996 biarpun sabah sudah kehilangan 6 pemain berpengalaman termasuk matlan marjan, sabah masih berbisa dan menjadi juara liga perdana pada tahun yg sama. tanpa feeder yang berkesan, ada striker yang bagus pun tiada guna. saya tengok mainan sabah skarang central midfield hancur, defensive midfielder NOT SEEN, wing tidak jalan, overlapping left/right back pun hampir tidak kelihatan. kalau mainan begini, senang la mainan kena baca oleh opponent. that is why kalau ada stanley bernard sama farid ideris, sabah buli main high ball from the back without relying on the creativity of midfielders. tapi kreatif ka midfielder kita skarang? itu rosdin wasli yang kena jadi center back lagi buli pakai daripada midfielder pindik2 yg kita ada skarang. sometimes i dont understand this gary..

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