There is a commom phrase in Professional Football which states , “you play how you train”. Simply stated , this means if you train with quality & intensity then you will transfer those standards onto the pitch on match day . However , poor quality & training with bad habits means poor performances on match day .

Unfortunately , quality training facilities are a big problem in Malaysia and Sabah is no exception. Way back in 1995 Ron Smith stated that for Football standards to improve in Sabah we need both improved grass roots development & better training facilities .

We still have a long way to go with grass roots but at least we have the KK Junior Leagues and Borneo Football Cup’s for the kids to participate . The same cant be said for training facilities and this reflects on the quality of our State teams performances . Our beloved State team currently trains occasionally on Likas Stadium and the rest of the time on Padang B which is the pitch directly next to Likas Stadium . Padang B is simply not fit for a Professional team to train on – it is bumpy and bare of grass thus making it impossible to perform quality training sessions . And we cant train on the Stadium every day as this will destroy the pitch .

The answer in my opinion is to install high quality 3G which is artificial turf . 3G is hugely popular in the UK and uses the latest in technology thus making it feel like real grass . Rain , hail or snow doesn’t affect 3G which would allow the State team & President’s Cup team’s to train unaffected even after our traditional monsoonal weather here in Sabah .

Of course 3G is not cheap but if we are serious about raising standards then its an investment into the future off Sabah Football – sounds like a good cause to me .


Don’t get me wrong , I think the successful season thus far by our 2011 President’s Cup team is fantastic which brings me to ask this question , “ is the objective of our Presidents Cup team to win there League or to produce players for the First team or maybe both? “ .

The most famous Reserve team for me was the Manchester United team who produced David Beckham , Paul Scholes , Nicky Butt , Gary Neville & Phil Neville who all came from the same team – yes they won there League but more importantly produced 5 players who went on to provide magnificent service to Manchester United over many years . Apparently these 5 kids trained with the First team during the week and played with Reserves until they were considered ready for the step up to the 1st team – now that’s what I call Youth Development .

Lets hope that this years Presidents Cup team wins the League , but more important than that , lets strive to produces players who will go on to play with distinction for the Sabah State team for many years to come .

JOSE Mourinho
Love him or hate him , any Football fan certainly cant ignore Jose Mourinho .

Here is a coach who puts winning over style and trophies above popularity . Mourinho wants to go down in history as one of the greatest managers of all time and by my reckoning he’s well on track to go down in folklore as a legend . In years to come we will be talking about Shankly , Clough , Ferguson and Mourinho as the greatest managers of the last 50 years .

Mourinho loves to use the siege mentality syndrome – this means he creates an us against the world feeling within his teams . It’s a conspiracy factor for Jose’s teams – referees , media and even UEFA or FIFA are out to destroy his team . He used these tactics to great effect with Porto , Chelsea , Inter Milan & now Real Madrid .

His relationship with his players is one of loyalty & respect . He is very close to his players meaning they go out on the pitch and give everything possible to perform for there boss , friend & mentor – and this for me is the biggest factor in his success .

Mourinho’s biggest challenge is approaching fast being El Classico 4 – the 2nd semi final of this year’s Champions League . Down 2-0 after the first leg at home to Barcelona , Real Madrid travel to the Nou Camp having to score a minimum two away goals to go to extra time .

Mourinho’s biggest challenge will be how to be attacking minded while not leaving them exposed to the brilliance of Messi & Co . Seems an almost impossible task but if anyone can produce a miracle , Mourinho can.

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