All eyes on Harimau Muda’s matches

Last year, Ong Kim Swee’s Harimau Muda helped Sabah gained promotion to the Premier League on the last day of the season after they beat PKNS. Coincidentally, Harimau Muda can give Sabah another big help, this time helping the team to stay in the Premier League.

Sabah is now sitting on 10th in the league table, tied on 28 points with 11th place Felda Utd. Both Sabah and Felda has one more games to play but the two other teams fighting the drop, Pahang (22 pts) and Kuala Lumpur (23 pts) have two more games to play and both of them have to play Harimau Muda on the 26th June and 1st July respectively.

Either a draw or worst, a lost to any of these teams can mean it’s relegation to the Premier League next season. However if any of these teams drop points then it will confirm Sabah’s status as a Super League team next season!

Harimau Muda just competed the first leg of the Olympic qualifying game with a 0-0 draw away to Lebanon in last night’s game. Hopefully they will not be tired after the second game as they face Pahang next Saturday, a mere three days after the 2nd leg against Lebanon!

Go Harimau Muda! 🙂

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