QPR coming to KK 18th July 2012!

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In a major exciting news, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ QPR will be making a stop in KK, Sabah to play SAFA’s selection on the 18th of July. Sourced from QPR’s official website;

“I’m also thrilled to be going to East Malaysia which in many ways is the home of AirAsia. To the best of my knowledge no-one has ever toured in Sabah. I’m thrilled that we have remembered all the people that have helped AirAsia get off the ground by bringing QPR to Sabah.”

The tour will commence on Tuesday 10th July, with Bangkok – the capital city of Thailand – being the first destination.

The squad will train at the former Suphachalasai National Stadium in central Bangkok, prior to locking horns with a Thai All Star XI at the 60,000 capacity Rajamangala National Stadium on Saturday 14th July.

Thereafter, the R’s will jet to Kota Kinabalu, where Hughes’s squad will train at the 35,000 capacity Likas Stadium, before playing a Football Association of Sabah Select team at the same venue on Wednesday 18th July.

Well I hope they really will make a stop-over here, as we rarely get an EPL team here. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled like Robbie Fowler’s case a few years back.

I think Joey Barton’s ban is not in effect for friendly, so we can expect to see the controversial man himself live on the pitch.

More news will be published when they are available.

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10 comments on “QPR coming to KK 18th July 2012!

  1. bulieng says:

    ada sesiapa yg tahu berapa harga tiket Sabah VS QPR?

  2. Rhino Sabah says:

    When and where is the ticket sales for this match?

  3. mrBadak says:

    Hi. I’ve posted information about where you can get tickets for this match. Go to the homepage to check the latest post or go to http://www.sabahrhinos.com/2012/07/tickets-for-sabah-selection-vs-qpr/

  4. bulieng says:

    bila sebenarnya sabah vs QPR, sebab pd 17hb ni, sabah terpaksa bermain untuk playoff liga super menentang kedah…. konfius..

  5. mrBadak says:

    bulieng, unfortunately because QPR yg datang visit ni (bukan dijemput SAFA atau FAM), so the schedule mmg clash.

    Sabah Superleague team will play on the SAME NIGHT! Itu lah yg lawan QPR ni ‘Sabah Selection’, ndada saturang pun dr pasukan Liga Super Sabah akan bermain.

  6. Kakiballs says:

    We should let our own Sabah player to play against QPR instead panggilx2 players pendatang-pedatang asing help us play…bikin malu,biar kalah but dignity kita masi strong mah…tidak payah takut kalah asalkan we gain experience from this English team..cisse pun tidak turun main ba,maybe dia fikir bikin panat kaki saja ..

  7. mrBadak says:

    kakiballs – because on the same night, Sabah is playing in the Supeleague playoffs against Kedah. Itu la mo panggil pemain lain.

  8. Rhino Sabah says:

    klu bukan pasal tu OM no.10 atau no.25 trying to make a show, buring juga tinguk smlm..apa suda cerita Sabah FC?? masi ada corruptions ka? how is the team performing..i miss the old days of sabah football ­čÖü

  9. Migo says:

    Punya boringgg… macam tengok Qpr lawan budak sekolah main bola, ingat ada star┬▓ sabah yang lama main.. Buleh┬▓ c bobby jadi captain, btul┬▓ boring laaaa.. nyeesal beli tiket

  10. Kakiballs says:

    Boring….byk chunx2 main di sabah here but chances are zero…need to do something now or never..we have many good players but otak tiada,thats the main problem. Nasib tu Om dpt visa diarang main for sabah against QPR if not pening safa mau cari striker. Anyway, hope new young talented player can be find soon.

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