Kelantan 2 vs 0 Sabah

In all honesty, there was no chance of Sabah ever doing any upset over second-place Kelantan tonight. Even a drawn result would be a miracle for Sabah so a 2-0 loss is considered acceptable. This may sound like a joke but a 2-0 loss is an improvement, coming from a 9-0 and 0-4 loss defeat.

However, wins for Kedah and Johor FC means they go up and pushed Sabah down to 19th place, that’s 2nd last spot and most worryingly, 2nd last spot.

Sabah can make amends though as their next three games are against Kedah (18th), Kuala Lumpur (20th) and Johor FC (17th). All they need to do is to pick themselves up and play football!

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