Fans Want Justice for Andre

Fans telling Sabah Football Association that they know what’s brewing inside #justice4Andre

All is not well within the Sabah FA even though the team is leading the Malaysa Premier League after 5 games. It was bungle one after another for the SAFA Committee an also by CEO (and newcomer to the football scene) Datuk TC Goh.

Earlier in the season they didn’t do their homework when they signed an underqualified player based on Football of Malaysia’s regulations and then having their coach leaving the team just weeks before the season started.

Andre training on his own in Likas Stadium.

If the fans didn’t believe any politics or personal grievances was involved then this latest twist is sure to proof that. Sabah’s Brazilian import Andre Esposito who signed a two-year contract with the team is being forced out of the team by the management.

Information was leaked on how SAFA Committee’s decision to draft Andre back into the team in April was vetoed by the CEO, who wasn’t even present in the meeting and is not part of the committee.

The committee then told Andre that he will be paid 5 months salary as compensation to terminate his contract. Andre agreed to this however during training, he was told by Mike that the payment is now 3 months instead of 5. Obviously Andre didn’t agree to this and so the coach told him not to come to training anymore.

He was then not given the schedule or location of the team’s training that he was forced to get the information from other players. And even when he is present at the training, he was told by coaches that he wasn’t needed in the training and that he wasn’t part of the team.

However when Andre asked for a written letter informing him of this decision, he wasn’t given any so he continue to show up for practice, even when he has to do it alone.

In an effort to show that Sabahans do have feelings and to acknowledge Andre’s work rate for Sabah last season and the years before when he last played for Sabah, a section of the fans unfurled a banner during last night’s game showing their dissatisfaction with this issue. They also showed the hashtag #justice4andre so that other fans can join in the protest.



The management should solve this issue professionally and openly. They¬†should respect Andre as a player and respect the fans as well. If you don’t want him in the team then pay his dues so that he can play elsewhere. Why do you want to deny another person’s livelihood?

We hope that this will end well for everyone especially for Andre. #justice4andre

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