Andre To Train with Sabah Futsal Team

justice 4 andre

Sabah’s forgotten Brazilian import Andre has been re-assigned to be with the Sabah Futsal Team until his contract with Sabah FA ends. This agreement was reached in a face-to-face meeting between Andre, SAFA Executive Secretary and a lawyer representing SAFA.

It was decided that Andre is not to join the training conducted for the Sabah team and he can now train on his own.

Even though not to any professional player’s liking of being driven away from your team, at least SAFA has stopped becoming a bully and jeopardising Andre’s football career.

Andre has been keeping strong mentally as well. He has been driven away from the team’s training via various tactics including removed from the team’s WhatsApp group, not told when and where the team was training, told not to step into the field where the team were and at one time he was asked to return an unused ball that he was training with that he found on the field track (and guess what, the ball was not even used by the team after he returned it).

We at SabahRhinos support our football team but not this. This was just wrong.

We hope Andre can at least find peace of mind in the next few months and hope he enjoy playing again albeit with the state’s futsal team.

We also hope that he knows the action of certain individuals within SAFA does not reflect feelings of the fans from Sabah and we never condone this.


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