Football Gives Back to Charities

Sometimes, the most impressive goals aren’t made on the football pitch but in the community. We’re talking about the series of charitable events that football players participate at in order to make the world a much better place. real-madrid-foundationFrom celebrity charity football events to the Real Madrid Foundation and its vision to help the marginalized people around the world, football players show their never-ending love and support to the community by giving back to the less fortunate.

In order to provide better funds to the charities they support, football teams or players often tie up their events with poker tournaments. One time, Florent Malouda, Jon Obi Mikel, Nicolas Anelka, and Salomon Kalou participated in the Idolo Cup Charity Football Event and raised an undisclosed, yet impressive, amount for the charities they were supporting. SportsAid, on the other hand, works closely with Betfair — an online poker provider and the world’s largest Internet betting exchange that covers anything from football events to political campaigns — in order to raise huge amounts for the financially-challenged children who want to become professional athletes some day. Manchester United also donates to charity often and one time they raised about $15,000 when many of their professional footballers participated in the Road to Old Trafford charity poker event.

Football-poker tie-ups work because both are extremely popular in the eyes of the public. Football clubs need no introduction to their fans and any event sponsored or participated by them is an instant click. Nothing would give fans more pleasure than the chance to actually rub elbows and converse with their favorite players. Poker, on the other hand, remains the most popular card game in the world, with big tournaments like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour happening in many parts of the world every year.

Becoming successful in sports must feel good but being able to give back probably feels great. Successful football players and clubs give back possibly because of the fulfillment they get from helping the world become a better place, one charity event at a time.

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