Official statement and denial by regarding rumours in social media on planning of disturbances during the match between Sabah football team vs Ministry of Finance (MOF) on 20th Feb 2016

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On 18th Feb 2016 (Thursday) at around 11:00 PM, Sharin Said (an admin of received a phone call from the Royal Malaysian Police (Karamunsing Police Station) asking him to come to the station. Sharin Said was asked to come the next morning (19th Feb 2016 (Friday) or as early as the evening before. Sharin Said was informed that this is related to football issue.

An hour after he received the phone call, Sharin Said accompanied by a friend, voluntarily went to the Karamunsing Police Station to meet the Inspector in charge of the case.

First meeting (12:00 AM 19 Feb 2016, Karamunsing Police Station)

Sharin Said accompanied by a friend went to the Karamunsing Police Station at around 12:00 AM on the 19 Feb 2017 (Friday) for a brief meeting with the police officer. Sharin Said was informed by the officer regarding rumors on the planned disturbance or chaos at Likas Stadium during the match between Sabah vs MOF that went viral in the social media. The RMP is concerned with the safety of the fans and public during of the football match.

Second meeting (19th Feb 2016, Karamunsing Police Station)

Another meeting will be held after this statement is released, of which it will involve the two parties between The RMP and Sharin Said, as a representative from, for further discuss on these rumours. and Sharin Said would like to thank the officer (Inspector) for his willingness to listen to our views and inputs.

History of was established since 1997. During that time, a website was developed and it was free to be accessed by supporters of Sabah football to get information regarding Sabah and Malaysian football. The existence of this website is 100% through the initiatives of passionate football fans and supporters of Sabah football which is not sponsored by any individuals or any parties with financial and/or political interest. has since transformed into the main online portal and forum that gathered the supporters of Sabah football team from all over the world. Meetup between supporters, players and the management of SAFA were also successfully held several times throughout the years.

The success of online portal has expanded to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. For almost 20 years of the existence of, only the following social media sites are officially held by DOES NOT HANDLE OR OWN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS EXCEPT THE ONES THAT LISTED ABOVE (NO WHATSAPP, WECHAT ETC.)

Main Grand Stand

For each of the Sabah home game at Likas Stadium, the Main Grand Stand which is located next to the media room (RM20 ticket) has since been an ‘official’ gathering spot for

Rumors regarding chaos that went viral in social media

We understood that the RMP is concerned about the safety during the match. We, are not aware of these rumours currently went viral across all Social Media platforms.


We, (including Sharin Said) hereby deny knowing or planning, or will take part with the events in these rumours.

For almost 20 years, have never initiated any disturbances during any football match.

For almost 20 years, has generally become the place for critical and intelectual discussion regarding football and Sabah football especially. It is a norm to have constructive critics and comments from us towards Sabah football related issues issues.

We would like to point out that our attendance in Likas Stadium is not as merry and not as many as the online membership of our official Facebook Group. The average attendance is around 10 to 20 people who enjoy sitting together, cheering and chatting during a match.

To other clubs / associations / organisations / groups supporting Sabah

As one of the earliest and longest fan club in the state, this is our advice to other other clubs / associations / organisations / groups supporting Sabah football team, either in real life or online:

Take note, these rumours are now under the investigation of the RMP

We do not know whether the RMP has called or will call any representatives from other clubs / associations / organisations / groups supporting Sabah but we are sure Sharin Said as the representative of will be summoned by the RMP if there is any disturbances and chaos during a match in future.

While denying the involvement of in all these rumors, we would like to inform other clubs / associations / organisations / groups supporting Sabah, if these rumors are true and any of your members are involved, we might not be able to change the decision you have made or will make. However, RMP will have a representative from (Sharin Said)

Recognition is willing to cooperate with RMP if required to provide statement later.

We would like to thank the person ( whoever you are ) who passed the contact number of an admin of (Sharin Said) to RMP eventhough there are plenty of other clubs / associations / organisations / groups supporting Sabah football team.

Nevertheless, do not see this incident as a burden or obstacle, instead it has served as an opportunity to work together with RMP should we encounter any rumours regarding match fixing involving the staff, management, coaches and players under SAFA.

Thank You.
Admins of

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