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No positive’s can be gained by discussing the removal of assistant Coach Mark Jones or Head Coach Gary Phillip’s from there posting with the State Senior Team. Rightly or wrongly, the Sabah FA felt a change needed to be made in order to give our beloved Hawks the opportunity to avoid relegation to the 2nd • Read More »


Back On Track

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On a losing streak , having a bad run , in a slump or going through a rough trot are all terminologies to describe a Football team who are not winning games . Most football teams the world over go through these bad periods , – players lie in bed awake at night wondering what’s • Read More »

The Perils of Coaching

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THE PERILS OF COACHING After 7 completed rounds of the 2011 Malaysian Super League , interesting to note that we already have three (3) coaching casualties . Two of these coaches in Mostakeen Omar from Perlis and Wan Jamak from Negeri Sembilan have resigned sighting INTERFERENCE as their reason for quitting . Although not a • Read More »

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I must admit to having a little chuckle when I read a letter in a local newspaper Forum section recently . Firstly , let me state that any letter not based on facts and not signed by a name lacks any credibility in my opinion . Secondly , I have no direct association with Sabah • Read More »

Solid Start For Sabah

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After 6 years languishing in the 2nd Division Premier League , 4 points gained from our opening three games is a solid start for our Sabah Hawks . Even more so , when one considers that we have 9 new players in the squad this year and no doubt it will take time for the • Read More »

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