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Whatever pun, salute to our police sbb berjaya menahan 3 suspek kes tersebut... dan mengikut laporan dengan tertangkapnya 3 suspek (2 rakyat tempatan & 1 rakyat asing) tersebut, polis percaya dapat menyelesaikan kes ini.... (cewah.. mcm 999 plak!!!) so yg penting skrg ialah penguatkuasaan yg lebih ketat supaya nasi tidak menjadi bubur....e.g. lebih byk rondaan d kwsn potensi jenayah & pemasangan lebih byk CCTV d kwsn tsbt & sekitar KK....

kekek...nti drg pasang cctv kan...itu org yg jaga cctv tu nti dia tinguk org beromen jak tu..ekeke...

p/s:nti jd mcm dlm pilem "The Terminal" tu...ekeke..lawak ini cerita o...ekeke

ooo... the terminal?, pasal c viktor norvoski dari negara krazokhia (klu x silap).... insiprational jugak filem tu.....


KOTA KINABALU: Just two days after the killing of businesswoman Elizabeth Wong in a mugging attack in the vicinity of Asia City here, an 18-year-old hairdresser almost suffered the same fate.

She was going to a plaza at Kepayan Ridge to buy some food when she was mugged and stabbed by two snatch thieves at the car park on Tuesday.

Fortunately, she survived the attack although she was stabbed once in the abdomen. She sustained a four-cm deep wound in her abdomen and was very lucky that it did not injure her internal organs.

The two attackers were believed to be foreigners.

The weapon, a cutter, was still stuck in her abdomen when the victim, who only wished to be known as Anne escaped from the muggers, who fled after realising that something had gone wrong.

Despite the shock and sharp pain, Anne still managed to drive home with the cutter stuck in her abdomen.

But, Anne collapsed upon reaching home. Fortunately, both her parents were at home at that time and they immediately rushed her to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) here for treatment.

The teenager related this when Luyang Assemblywoman, Melanie Chia visited her at her home yesterday after she was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

Also present during the visit were, Simon Tsen, the Kapitan Cina for Lido, and two policemen.

Recalling the 7.30pm incident, Anne said before she was walking back to her car to take her purse which she left inside when two masked men approached her from behind.

One of them pointed the cutter at her and ordered her to drive to the parking lot behind the building, which was more secluded and dark.

Anne said she had no choice but to follow the instruction while the two muggers too got into her vehicle.

When they reached the parking lot, the two muggers instructed her to get out from the car and one of them then started to demand that she hand over the money inside her purse, while the other started to frisk her body for other valuables.

But when she sensed that the mugger who was frisking her had ‘gone a bit too far’, she reacted by pushing him away and made a dash in the opposite direction.

“At that moment, I thought they were going to rape me and later murder me. That somehow prompted me to struggle from their clutches,” she said.


Uni Daily Express punya version

--- Quote ---

 Another stabbing drama

Kota Kinabalu: An 18-year-old girl was stabbed in the stomach as well as slashed on the arm in a snatch theft at a parking lot near Central Plaza here Tuesday.

The incident happened barely 48 hours after a snatch theft at the Sedco Complex parking lot in the city Sunday, in which a woman died and her daughter's fingers were almost severed.

In the latest case, the girl went to the shopping complex to buy dinner at 7.30pm and decided to go back to her car upon realising that she had forgotten to take some money.

While rummaging through her purse inside the car, two men, believed to be foreigners, appeared. One of them held her and jabbed her in the back with a paper cutter.

According to her, the men who spoke in a foreign accent had dark complexion, wore sunglasses and used small towels to cover their faces.

"They demanded money and I gave them about RM20. While one of them began counting the money, the other brandishing the paper cutter began to grope me around the chest.

"As he proceeded to molest me, I decided to fight back and screamed out loud. This angered him and he stabbed me on the right side of the abdomen as well as slashed my right arm," she said. The paper cutter pierced almost two inches into her abdomen.

Fortunately for her, the culprits fled, sparing her the fate that befell Elizabeth Wong Oi Chin in Sunday's incident in which the latter was stabbed several times in the chest.

The girl managed to drive away despite her injuries and fainted on reaching home. Her parents took her to the hospital where she was admitted for the night and was discharged the next day. A report was also lodged.

It was also learnt that things took another turn the same night when the girl's boyfriend and cousin went to the scene to look for the culprits.

They were driving around the parking lot when a security guard approached and asked what they wanted. The two recounted the incident to him and questioned how it could have happened under his watch.

Instead of showing concern, the guard summoned several friends over, one of whom broke the car's rear glass with a stick, forcing the duo to drive away for their safety.

The duo lodged a report and accompanied police to the scene.

However, when confronted the guard blamed a Teh Tarik maker at the shopping complex' sidewalk cafe as the culprit who smashed the glass.

The girl's family later approached Luyang Assemblywoman-cum-Assistant Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology, Melanie Chia Chui Ket, for help.

Accompanied by Lido Kapitan Cina, Simon Tsen, they inquired from police about the outcome of the investigations. City Police Chief, ACP Azizan Abu Taat said more personnel had been mobilised to the area and that police had obtained some leads.

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